Happy Thanksgiving!

How did Thanksgiving come about?

In November 1621, the Plymouth Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians shared a pre-winter collect devour after the pilgrims successful harvested their first corn crop that year  and is recognized today as one of the main Thanksgiving festivities here. For over two centuries, days of thanksgiving were commended by singular settlements and states. It wasn’t until 1863, amidst the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln announced a national Thanksgiving Day to be held every November. Plymouth is an important place in the “history of thanksgiving day”.

In numerous families, the Thanksgiving festivity has lost quite a bit of its unique religious noteworthiness; rather, it now focuses on cooking and imparting a plentiful feast.  Turkey, a Thanksgiving staple is eaten by almost 90 percent of Americans regardless of whether it is roasted, broiled, fried or smoked. Other customary nourishments incorporate stuffing, cranberry sauce, pureed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Whatever you decide to eat this Thanksgiving I hope that you are surrounded by good friends and the love of your dear ones.  Let the festivities begin and enjoy!

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