5 Halloween Must-Do’s to keep Children Safe

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween – as long as it’s just a trick!

To help you avoid any real-life scares around your property consider these simple precautions.

  1. Provide plenty of lighting to ensure your visitors can see where they are walking.
  2. If you have concrete steps which can get slippery when wet, think of applying friction tape to ensure stable footing. Be sure to clear your walkways of any obstructions that could trip youngsters focused more on tricks and treats than watching where they’re going.
  3. If your porch railings are wobbly or broken, try to take care of the problem.
  4. Don’t put real candles into your carved pumpkins or paper lanterns. That’s a fire waiting to happen. Use LED-bulb faux candles instead without the danger.
  5. Clear the curb of cars and other obstacles for drivers . Four times as many child pedestrians get killed on Halloween night than a normal night.

So have fun little Trick or Treaters and be safe!

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